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Liability for inadequate keeping of the site journal

It can be seen from the great number of court rulings how important the regular keeping of a site journal is. Site-managing architects and engineers are liable on a pro-rata basis for errors made by construction companies unless they can prove with the site journal that they gave instructions that would have prevented faulty execution and the resulting damages. Liability problems for site managers can also arise from accidents since they must check and, if required, demand compliance with the relevant accident prevention regulations. The site journal is the tool of choice when it comes to proving that violations of these regulations and resulting safety hazards were criticized promptly.

Site documentation is not only useful for the reasons mentioned above, it is also one of the basic services according to the HOAI (Fee Regulation for Architects and Engineers) and is thus part of a site manager's obligations to the client. This essential task is often brushed aside due to the massive time pressure under which site mangers are forced to operate. This can be prevented by software that automates recurring processes and dramatically reduces the time required make the entries.

Site Journal for Windows and MacOS is an easy-to-learn, classic software solution for PCs that is also well suited for people who prefer practical work over desk work. Bauskript software has been offering the program for five years, and it is being improved in cooperation with its users. This slightly restricted version of the software is available as freeware. As a complementary module, Site Journal App for iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone provides an opportunity to make direct entries for the daily progress reports on site using portable devices.

This can be restricted to the entry of such data where little or no writing effort is involved, such as registration of construction site occupants, i. e. the companies present that can simply be selected from the list of companies. The report can be completed later using Site Journal for Windows and MacOS.

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