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The 10 most important functions of Site Journal for Windows and MacOS

  1. Names of companies or people have to be entered just once. This company information is simply accessed when making entries for daily progress reports later.

  2. An App for iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone allows convenient data entry directly during a site inspection with full access to the list of companies.

  3. The construction progress reports can be stored as pdf files and sent by email. Your own company logo is displayed as the header in each daily progress report.

  4. Individual photos or an entire photo directory can be added differentiated by performance status and documentation of defects. You can assign the fotos to the companies. All construction site photos of a project are sorted chronologically in a photo album for easy review.

  5. The delivery of drawings and documents can be reported. You can add the files of drawings and documents to the daily report and open it by one mouse click directly from each report.

  6. The following log items are processed like a check list so that no important entries are forgotten:

  7. - Weather
    - Construction site occupation
    - Day's work of each company
    - Performance status (text, photos)
    - Defects (text, photos)
    - Delays
    - Obstructions
    - (Partial) acceptance processes
    - Instructions given to companies
    - Additional comment
    - Important building operations
    - Tests and measurements
    - Unusual incidents
    - Deliveries of building materials
    - Planned deliveries

  8. A powerful search function lets you search through the entire data for names or any other catchwords. For example, you can create a list of all daily progress reports containing the word "concrete" from where you can jump to each of the hits found.

  9. You can import addresses and export the list of companies to text files for later use in programs like Excel or Outlook.

  10. You can save repeated text entries and time by creating "typical" daily progress reports as sample forms.

  11. The entire Site Journal can be switched to Spain and German for use at international construction sites.

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